Saturday, April 24, 2010

Journey of A Small Business Owner #3

Tango Zulu Imports took another step forward today. Most of our ordered inventory has shown up and we moved some of them into our store front. I have been spending most of the evening creating product images - a painfully slow and tedious process. On the bright side, we had our cousin Liz here tonight to help us with product evaluation and design of store front layout. Liz is fantastically experienced with retail store design and had ideas that seemed so simple and natural yet they were ideas we'd never think of on our own.

We met with a jewelry maker yesterday. She had a great selection of beautifully crafted earrings, rings and necklaces. Her work is also featured in the Seattle Art Museum and we are glad to feature her items in our store.

I am planning to take a week off in two weeks to help the store get ready for the grand opening. Things are looking up, though whenever I start looking at the details, it is difficult to avoid being stressed. I'd never thought starting a business would be such a difficult process. Not in a technical way, but in the millions of little things that seem to spawn out of each other.

However, today is a great day for Tango Zulu Imports.

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