Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bolga Baskets At Tango Zulu Imports

We carry a large variety of Bolga baskets, which are known worldwide for their quality and beauty. These tightly-woven baskets are handwoven from Kinkanhe grass in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana and colored with vegetable dyes. Most have goat skin handles, although we carry some without leather for those looking for vegan products. They are all fair-traded, are made of all-natural products, are endlessly versatile and remarkably durable. A woman came into our store once using a Bolga basket as a tote, and when I inquired about it, she revealed that she had purchased it in Africa forty years prior. Through decades of heavy use the only repair it had needed was a new leather cover for the handle.

What are they used for? Let me count the ways... I have a large market basket I use for harvesting vegetables. My customers have used various types for sewing kits, fruit baskets, toy containers, book totes, kindling holders, laundry baskets, shopping bags, and a host of other tasks. One customer even uses a pot basket similar to this one as a lunch box.

If they ever need to be reshaped or cleaned, you can wet them thoroughly with cool water, then shape and clean them as needed without the dye running. In fact, exposure to water will make the already tight weave even tighter and stronger.

With their combination of beauty and function, it's no wonder Bolga baskets are well-loved and well-used by so many people.

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