Monday, July 26, 2010

Fulani Hats – Products At Tango Zulu Imports

As the temperature rises, the popularity of our Fulani hats rises with it. At Tango Zulu Imports, we carry three different styles of Fulani hats, all at very competitive prices.
The Fulani people are the largest nomadic group in the world, concentrated predominantly in West Africa. They are largely nomadic cattle herders and traders. The straw hats, known as Fulani hats, are used by these cattle herders to shield themselves from the African sun.
The largest is the Mali Fulani Hat. This hat has a large brim, the diameter of the brim ranges from 14″ to 17″. The brim is trimmed with leather and its end is marked by two black woven stripes where the rise of the crown starts. The conical shaped crown measures 6″ to 8″ tall, and is topped off with a patch of leather and a topknot with tassels. The smallest of our Fulani hats is almost identical to its bigger brother, except it has a narrower brim and several leather patch decorations around the base of the crown. Both of these hats have a long adjustable leather chin strap. Both hats are handmade in Mali.
The third variation is the Fulani Hat from Burkina Faso. Similarly leather-trimmed at the brim, the leather decorative patterns at the crown are more elaborate and the crown is round, unlike the topknot of the Mali Fulani hats.
I own a Mali Fulani hat myself, which I often use when I work in the field or garden. Sometimes, I wear it around town. I know there are many more people who have purchased the hat from Tango Zulu Imports, from both coasts of the country and many more within the state. Maybe one day, I will run into one of them and then I will tip my hat to them!

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