Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Handmade Beer Soap

We carry two handmade beer soaps, Amber Ale Soap made from Widmer's Drop Top Amber Ale, and IPA Soap, made from Widmer's Broken Halo IPA. The idea of beer soap is off-putting to many people because they don't want to emerge from the shower smelling like they've been knocking back a few. The truth is that most beer soaps have a subdued scent similar to fresh baked bread, and little or no fragrance will linger after rinsing. If you've ever visited a brewpub and smelled the blend of yeast and hops, you have an idea of what most beer soaps will smell like. Our beer soaps are not novelties: beer is a logical ingredient to use in soaps. It has antimicrobial properties, suds well (of course!), and provides an appealing color and fragrance. Our beer soaps qualify as natural soaps as there are no sythetic ingredients. They make cool offbeat gifts, but I also urge anyone who wants a nice handmade soap that lathers exceptionally well to give beer soap a try.

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