Friday, November 26, 2010

What is a Natural Soap?

Natural soaps by definition contain no artificial ingredients. Some of our Tango Zulu brand soaps qualify as natural, others don't. Here's what they all have in common: they are handmade with all natural vegetable oils, lye, shea butter, and in some cases a natural colorant. Some contain additional natural ingredients, including sugar, oatmeal, anise powder, dried lavender, and many other items to add fragrance, visual appeal, or texture. What separates our natural soaps from the others is the fragrance. We use synthetic fragrances for some of our soaps because it is simply not possible to get every fragrance in the form of a natural essential oil. A great example is our Plum Spice soap, which is our best selling soap. There is no such thing as plum essential oil, so we use a synthetic fragrance that is non-toxic and accounts for less than 2% of the soap.

We're also very much aware that many people wish to avoid even small amounts of synthetic products in their skin care, and we're proud to carry several varieties of natural soaps. Our beer soaps are fantastic. Beer is naturally antimicrobial, and as you know from watching it foam, it lathers up just fine! Beer soap tends to have a scent similar to fresh baked bread, and the color ranges from golden amber to rich dark red - depending, of course, on the type of beer used. We also carry peppermint natural soap, which is singularly invigorating and refreshing. Our lavender soap is a natural soap as well, and it looks beautiful and smells divine. For an ultra mild, fragrance-free natural soap, try our olive oil soap. We also always include at least one natural sea salt scrub bar in the rotation - currently Ginger Citrus and Peppermint.

Long story short, if we only carried natural soaps we couldn't provide all the fragrances people expect and love. However, even our soaps with synthetic fragrances are far closer to a true natural soap than the vast majority of mass produced soaps.

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