Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Plans

As 2011 progresses we intend to continue to add to our line of African baskets. We have as extensive a selection of Bolga baskets as any retailer in the U.S., and are quickly building a fine selection of Zulu baskets. However, we're aware that there are many other wonderful sources of African baskets, from Darfur to Rwanda to Botswana. We are very careful in choosing our vendors, and it isn't always easy to find those products that are high quality, fair trade, reasonably priced, and reliably produced. As we find these sources look for more African baskets to be added to our website.

We're also planning to expand our line of organic baby clothing, something we're very excited about. You'll see a far larger collection on our website by the end of this quarter.

We'll continue to rotate in new types of handmade soaps and handmade shampoo bars, while continuing to stock old favorites, like our beer soap, plum spice soap, and sea salt scrub bars. We'll make sure never to run out of the very popular felted soap!

We're not expecting to make huge changes this year, rather to build on what has worked and do away with what hasn't. Things have happened so fast that it's hard to believe we've only been in business nine months, and we don't want to avoid excessive growing pains as much as possible.

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