Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gifts For the Beer Lover

Looking for a unique gift for a beer connoisseur? Zulu beer baskets are traditionally used to store and transport beer in South Africa. Our Zulu baskets don't include the interior paste that would render them completely watertight, so I wouldn't suggest using them to store liquids, but they are beautiful baskets and can be used as jars for storing dry goods.

We also have a couple of varieties of handmade beer soap. This amber ale beer soap has a slightly hoppy scent and a creamy texture. Our IPA beer soap smells like bread and has a bit of oatmeal for exfoliation. Beer soap is naturally antimicrobial and lathers well. These are both true natural soaps with no synthetic ingredients.

Finally, check out these soapstone coasters, which are perfect for a frosty glass!

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