Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Solid Shampoo Bars

We'll have some new solid shampoo bars in stock within a couple of days. In addition to a fresh batch of Plum Spice Shampoo Bars and Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Bars, we'll have Rosemary Solid Shampoo and Floral Vanilla Solid Shampoo. The Rosemary Shampoo Bar is a true natural shampoo bar, while the Floral Vanilla contains a small amount of synthetic fragrance.

Our handmade shampoo bars are free of parabens and sulfates. They have an old-fashioned lye base. They are travel-friendly (no gels or liquids to worry about getting through airport security), and long-lasting as long as they are allowed to dry between uses. Because solid shampoos are concentrated (as opposed to being diluted by water like liquid shampoos), a little bit will go a long way. Simply wet your shampoo bar and run it over your head a couple of times until you have enough lather.

One of the best features of our handmade shampoo bars: no bottle to dispose of! Ours are packaged in wax paper for minimal environmental impact.

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