Friday, March 25, 2011

Exotic Soap

At Tango Zulu Imports we're known for our locally crafted handmade soap, especially our felted soap, beer soap, sea salt soap, and chocolate soap. However, we also carry soap from farther afield, like this moisturizing Madina Three In One Butter Soap. Our beautifully packaged Kamina Vanilla Soap is a favorite, as is our Africare Clay Soap. We carry Sunaroma Body Butter Soap, which includes a luxurious blend of mango, shea and aloe butters. Finally, we have Madina Natural Cucumber Soap, which makes a great face soap with cucumber and aloe. All of our soaps that aren't handmade are just $2.99, and they are all high quality soaps.

Our flower Bolga baskets are great for keeping your soaps in!

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