Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zulu Baskets and Bolga Baskets

We often tell customers that Bolga baskets from Ghana are the work horses among the African baskets we carry, while Zulu baskets from South Africa are the show horses. Our fair trade Bolga baskets are affordable and versatile, lending themselves to grocery shopping, garden harvesting, picnic duty, toy storage, fruit display, and a host of other tasks. However, if you purchase a handwoven Zulu basket, you are buying a collectible, heirloom quality work of art that is more likely to be displayed than used for every day tasks (although I do keep my seed packets in my Zulu basket at home.) Zulu baskets are more expensive than most African baskets, reflecting the many days of painstaking work and high level of craftsmanship it takes to create even a small one. We love each African basket we carry, from the most humble Ghana Bolga basket to the most magnificent Zulu basket.

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