Thursday, May 5, 2011

20 Uses for a Market Basket

Our Bolga market baskets are among our most popular items. I've compiled a list of things our customers say they use them for. Some are obvious, others not so much! If anyone has a use for a market basket that isn't on the list, we would love to hear from you!
1. Harvesting produce
2. Grocery/produce shopping
3. Keeping a litter of kittens in
4. Storing toys in
5. Mushroom gathering
6. Keeping towels in
7. Gathering flowers in
8. Carrying rocks (we don't know any details, just that a large market basket was puchased for this)
9. Keeping yarn and textiles in. We sell baskets to a lot of textile artists.
10. Keeping books and magazines in
11. Keeping throws/small blankets in
12. Laundry basket
13. Easter basket (the small market baskets are ideal for this)
14. Picnic basket
15. Toting food to potlucks in
16. Storage on boats. They won't be damaged/cause damage if they tip in rough seas, and a little water won't hurt them.
17. Keeping in a car to hold sunglasses, kleenex, and other odds and ends (our medium market baskets are the perfect size for this.)
18. Using as the starting point for a gift basket
19. Gathering and giving out Halloween candy
20. Collecting eggs from hens

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