Monday, May 23, 2011

The Other Port Gamble Street....

Just about anyone who comes to tiny Port Gamble knows about Rainier Avenue NE, where Tango Zulu Imports, The Tea Room, Dauntless Bookstore, and other businesses reside. However, it is easy to miss the next street to the West, Puget Avenue. Be sure to check out the Quilted Strait, one of the largest quilt supplies stores in the region; and tiny Second Spring, which has sweet handmade clothing. In the summer you'll also find Terrapin Farms, which provides fresh local produce. Nearby is Gamble Bay Coffee and Mike's Four Star BBQ. So be sure to go around the corner when you come to town, or just cut through the field right behind Tango Zulu!

As a side note, we have lots of beautiful new market baskets in earth tones. It's a great time to shop for Bolga baskets if you're looking for muted browns and greens. Of course, we still have plenty of the more brightly colored baskets as well.

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