Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uganda Coil Baskets

We have beautiful new Uganda coil baskets, like the one pictured here. These fair trade African baskets are also available in brown. Here are the details:

Product Description

  • Diameter: Approximately 16"
  • Depth: Approximately 6"
  • Color and Pattern: Green Starburst
  • Country of Origin: Uganda

This beautiful handmade coil basket is a traditional fair trade product from Uganda. It is round with a flat bottom and is very stable and symmetrical. It has a green and cream starburst pattern and is approximately 16" in diameter and 6" deep. This striking African basket has a loop for hanging and a tight, durable weave. It is suitable as an art piece but also makes a wonderful bowl for bread, fruit, and other household items. This coil basket is made from dyed and natural raffia (a type of palm) strips, which are wrapped around local grasses and stalks of banana palm leaves, resulting in a sustainable product with little impact on the environment. Because each Uganda coil basket is handwoven, the basket you receive may vary slightly from the one in the image, although it will be very similar.

When you purchase a fair trade item like this Uganda coil basket, you receive a beautiful artisan product while helping a family in a developing country raise their standard of living. Additionally, you are playing an important part in keeping traditional crafts alive.

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