Monday, February 18, 2013

2012 Recap

Zulu Telephone Wire Basket
Hello everyone and Happy belated new year! On behalf of Tracy, Drew, Sarah, Kristi Anna and myself (Patricia), I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you, our customers and dedicated supporters! So many exciting things happened in 2012 for the TZI team! Some of the highlights are listed below. I can hardly wait to see what is to come in 2013.  
  1. Winter 2012 edition of Quilty magazine: Our African baskets were featured in the Loot section of their “Quilty-approved” goodies for the holiday season.)
  2. Taste of Beirut is a fantastic site for fans of Middle Eastern food, with beautiful images, lovely writing, and lots of cultural context.  Tango Zulu Imports was introduced to them about a year ago when the author mentioned us in a post about maftoul, which brought us a lot of wonderful orders as a result.
  3. Staff went from zero to three (Sarah, Kristi Anna and myself).
  4. The owners' first buying trip to South Africa, Lesotho, and Dubai took place the end of October/beginning of November
  5.  First year for participation in fairs and festivals. Quite a learning curve!
  6. The Kitsap Sun featured TZI in its Employer spotlight in April 2012 to help Tracy in her search for her first employees
  7. included Tango Zulu Imports, featuring our Bolga baskets in an article about baskets of Africa.
  8. Seattle’s Burke Museum has an exhibit currently going on through May 27, 2013 called Plastics Unwrapped of which Tango Zulu Imports is playing a small part. Zulu telephone wire baskets will be part of the exhibit and we were asked to produce a flyer about the baskets, the artisans who craft them, and where to find them locally. It's part of an information packet that will be given to each visitor to the exhibit over the months ahead. We're excited and pleased to be a part of the exhibit in our small way
  9. Just over 54% sales growth in the brick and mortar store, and 94% growth online from 2011. Wow!
We are so grateful to our artisans, customers, fellow business owners here in Port Gamble, and everyone else who played a part in our growth last year.  Thank you!