Friday, January 17, 2014

2013 in Review: 1st Quarter

 By Tracy Zhu, Owner

Our staff opening the new building. From left to right: Kristi Anna, Patricia, Sarah, and Tracy.
2013 was all about building capacity at Tango Zulu. We began the year in the same building we founded the business in, and what once seemed to expansive to fill with merchandise now felt cramped and overstuffed. The holiday shipping season of 2012 was particularly tough, as our shipping and receiving area was also our break room and stock room. We often ran completely out of space there and had to box up orders and unpack new shipments of inventory on the retail floor. I remember one day during Port Gamble's annual Country Christmas celebration when the store got so crowded with customers that people would open the front door, see how packed it was, and immediately leave.

Clearly we needed more space, and when a larger building with a much better layout just two doors down became available, we jumped at it. Much of the first quarter was spend planning the move, which was executed in late March. Because the new building was so close by and because we had early access to it, it was a relatively painless move that we accomplished without losing any business hours to closure. We were once again reminded of the kindness of Port Gamble residents, as even though we didn't ask for help, a steady stream of our fellow business owners, townies, and customers dropped by over the course of our move week to lend a hand.
Erik Kleiva, co-owner of the Port Gamble General Store and Café, and Drew Zhu, co-owner of Tango Zulu, taking a load to the new building. The entire move was done on foot with the aid of a single hand truck.

Townie and customer Anne Davies dropped by to help arrange displays.

Our new register counter, built (including graphics) by Port Gamble's Orbea Sign Company. Much better than the old tiki bar we used at the old store.
Another noteworthy event in the first quarter was employee Kristi Anna's graduation from high school while simultaneously earning her Associate of Arts degree at age 18. We are very proud of her, but saying so may not make her forgive me for posting the photo below!

Super Employee Kristi Anna wears a lot of hats. Hah hah.

We ended the first quarter ensconced in our new building, ready to see what the busy summer season would bring.

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